Q. What payment type is available?

A. We accept Visa, Master Card, Debit/Interac, Cash, Cheques and E-Transfers.

Q. When is payment due?

A. Payment is due one month in advance from your rental date.

Q. Are discounts available for long term advanced payments?

A. Yes. For a 6 month up front payment, a 5% discount is available. For a one year up front payment you receive one month free.

Q. Can I access my storage facility after standard business hours?

A. Yes. You have 24 hrs access with your gate card.

Q. Are heated units available?

A. No. All units are unheated.

Q. Do you provide contents insurance?

A. Sorry, no. Just our buildings are insured. See: http://www.palcanada.com/en/contents-in-storage for assistance