Packaging for Storage

  • Protect your breakable / valuables with bubble wrap or clear newsprint type paper.
  • Use sturdy cardboard boxes (secured on bottom) similar sizes and fill to prevent collapsing during stacking/storage.
  • Avoid overloading- use small boxes for heavy items books, files, dishes – large boxes for light items, blankets, toys, decorations
  • Label contents room-by-room and “Fragile”. Makes unpacking easier.
  • Protect bedding and clothing in Plastic bins. Makes a great moisture resistant storage container.
  • Old sheets and towels make excellent padding to protect furniture.
  • Place items on pallets /tarps to protect from changing temperature of concrete floors.
  • Keep furniture and cardboard boxes away from direct contact from floors and walls.

Appliances and Furniture

  • Pack upholstered items in sealed bags.
    (item should be very dry) or humidity during spring and summer can cause condensation, leading to mildew.
  • Upholstered furniture /mattresses should be kept off concrete floors.
  • To save space, remove legs from beds and tables. Keep all fasteners in one accessible container.
  • Fridges and freezers should be clean and dry. (Free of any food) Doors should be secured slightly ajar, to prevent mildew. Freezer chest can be used for storage.
  • Store electronics in original boxes if possible.
  • Clean out ovens and BBQ’s. attract rodents

Do’s and Don’ts of Storing

  • Do secure your unit with a Disk Lock.
  • Do remove batteries, if kept seasonally, to prevent damage and leaking.
  • Do drain fuels from machinery: snow blowers, lawnmowers . . . before storing.
  • Do inquire about insuring your belongings. Our insurance only covers buildings. Not contents.
  • Do not ever store explosives or flammables: paint, fuel, solvents etc.
  • Do not store living plants or animals in your unit.
  • Absolutely No Foods or Drinks are permitted to be stored. Includes dog, cat, bird, and horse feed.
  • Do not fasten anything to the unit walls.
  • Absolutely No smoking in units.
  • Don’t tell strangers where you’ve stored your belongings.
  • Be aware of other tenants, who may be looking in.
  • Don’t leave garbage/items outside of unit. Please take it with you.
  • This is a dormant space, for storing only. It is not for conducting business or as a repair shop.
  • Do not disturb the peace; keep noises down to a minimal. No loitering
  • Have your payments in on time!

Planning Your Space

  • Start with placing items you won’t need to the back.
  • Make a walkway, if room allows for easier access.
  • Place less valuables to the front. Keep valuable out of sight.
  • Place items you may need to access, closer to the front.
  • Make an inventory list/photos and keep it in a save place with spare lock key.